Outreach Ministry

Giving back, helping others less fortunate, and celebrating Christian ethics are some of the things you can look forward to when you roll into Hawks RV Park in Shelby AL. With the outreach ministry, you can lend a hand to others in need, support others, and also find the healing you just may need yourself. Hawks RV Park is committed to providing services to the community where help otherwise might not be available. The prayer and support given through this ministry includes the following:

Helping Hands Food Ministry - Hawks RV Park collects donations and distributes food baskets to the families in dire need of food in the community

Teddy Bear Packet Ministry - Life can deal a tragic hand to families sometimes. The outreach ministry collects teddy bears to distribute to the local police departments, fire departments, and weather destruction areas so they can be then given to children traumatized by crime or fire situations or damaging weather events. The teddy bears give the children comfort during their time of need.

Cove Prayer Warriors - Prayer groups have proven to be very powerful for people who are in need of support during difficult times. The Cove Prayer Warriors group will pray with you, encourage you, and give you peace through the power of prayer.

Give yourself a break from crowded, dirty parks, and bring your family to Hawks RV Park for a unique camping experience you'll cherish forever!

Join us every Thursday for "Stitches with Prayers", and enjoy fellowship with sewing and arts and crafts. Thursday evenings guests can participate in Bible study, celebrating and discussing the words of the Bible in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Hawks RV Park has a mission to offer a restful place to get away when you need a place to nourish your soul, and is dedicated to providing Christian services from people who sincerely care. Make your next vacation stop Hawks RV Park in Shelby AL, and discover how relaxing and rejuvenating a vacation can be!